Walking Aids

If you need a helping hand moving around your home, feel pain or weakness in your legs, or easily lose your balance, a walking aid might be the perfect solution. Our carefully selected range of walking aids are designed for a wide variety of needs, meaning you will always find the perfect solution to help you live independently.

Choosing the right walking aid 

Walking aids are typically used for two purposes: as part of a rehabilitation programme if you are recovering from an injury or operation, or as a long-term aid to mobility if you have ongoing difficulty with walking.

Choosing the right walking aid can be difficult; there are a wide variety of different walking aids to choose from which differ in design and functionality. To ensure that the appropriate device is selected, we always recommend that you speak with our expert advisors so we can access your needs, lifestyle and home environment.

Walking Frames

Commonly referred to as ‘zimmer frames’, walking frames have more points of contact with the floor so tend to be used by those with greater balance problems and/or weak legs. Walking frames are suited to short journeys.


Rollators are four wheeled walkers, enabling a more fluent walking pattern. The wheels are perfect for facilitating travel, but they be too mobile for people who need to lean against the frame for constant support.

Tri Walkers

Tri Walkers have a single front swivel castor and two uni-directional rear wheels. The larger wheels make them suitable for use outdoors and very manoeuvrable, although not as stable as the four wheeled rollator.


Crutches are designed to take the weight off one or both legs and should be used in pairs. You need good co-ordination to use them correctly.


Canes have a walking stick-style shaft and a three/four point base. They are designed for freestanding and are more stable than walking sticks.

Walking Sticks

Traditional walking sticks only have a single point of contact with the floor, so they tend to be suitable for those with moderately reduced balance.

The Snowdrop Experience  

Our expert team are always happy to offer advice and perform an individual assessment of your needs. Should you not be able to make it to one of our showrooms, a home assessment can be easily arranged.

We are confident that our walkers are made to the highest quality and completely durable, which is why all of our walkers come with 12-moths premium care warranty.