VAT Exemption

The majority of products supplied by Snowdrop Independent Living are designed specifically for the relief of chronic illness or disability and as such, may be purchased by those eligible, at a price that does not include VAT at the current rate. Please note, VAT relief does not apply to all our products. Products which are eligible for VAT exemption are shown with the VAT exempt price – if there is no VAT exempt price at the checkout, the product is not eligible.

Are you eligible for VAT relief, and how does it work with our sales?
Here’s our at-a-glance guide:

Why do we display VAT-excluded prices?
Some of our customers will be exempt from paying VAT, so VAT will be added at the checkout if a customer doesn’t fill in the VAT exempt information.
On purchase items not eligible for VAT exemption, such as powder free gloves, you won’t see a VAT relief choice.

What is VAT relief?
VAT is a tax paid when buying goods and services. People who are disabled or have chronic illness can claim relief on that tax when they buy equipment designed for the disabled or ill and for the personal and domestic use. They pay the retail price without the VAT added to it.

Who is eligible for it?
You are eligible if you have a permanent disability because of illness or injury, are chronically ill with a sickness which is likely to last a long time, such as arthritis, or are terminally ill.
People with temporary disabilities or injuries do not qualify.
To claim relief, you don’t have to be registered as disabled, but you do have to specify the nature of your disability or illness when you apply for relief and make a declaration.

How could I claim VAT relief?
All you need to do is fill in a simple form online or in person at one of our stores.
There aren’t any medical assessments and you won’t need to provide proof of a condition or disability.

How does it work in your online store?
During the checkout process, you’ll be asked if you’d like to claim VAT relief.
State the disability, medical condition, or illness you suffer from then confirm that you wish to apply for exemption and tick the box to confirm the information you’ve given is correct.

How can you claim in store?
You’ll be given a straightforward form to fill in listing your name, address, condition, or disability, and be asked to give a signature.

How does it work with phone orders?
If you place a phone order, we’ll have to charge you the VAT which will be refunded once we have your signed declaration.

What happens to your declaration?
We must keep a copy and it might be passed to HMRC to prove you are eligible for the VAT relief.
We store your data securely and it is never used for marketing purposes. It is not given to any other third party.

Could someone else claim for you?
Yes, they can if they are making a purchase for you because you can’t get to a showroom. They can fill in the form with your details and will be asked to sign on your behalf.

Do you have questions about VAT relief?
If so, please contact our customer services department on 0333 200 1337. We could help you if you have any queries or are unsure if you are eligible.
You can find more information from HMRC here.

You can also contact them directly here:

HM Customs and Excise
Dobson House, Regent Centre,
Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3PF

Tel: 0845 010 9000
(open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday)

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