The Benefits of A Stairlift

However long you’ve been living in your current home, whether it’s been most of your life or you’ve just moved in, you’re more than likely happy with your home, especially if you live near or next to your family and friends. You’ll almost certainly not want to be forced to move into a care home or bungalow because you can no longer get up and down the stairs on your own.

A stairlift is a simple and efficient solution to this problem. The user simply sits themselves on the seat and is taken from the bottom of the stairs to the top or vice-versa, enabling them to easily move around their home and do things they would otherwise be unable to do. In short, a stairlift can make life much easier and much more comfortable for a person who has difficulty using stairs and allow them to continue sleeping in their own bed and get to the bathroom easily.

Stairlifts are extremely varied and flexible. At Snowdrop Independent Living, we’ll be able to find the right stairlift best suited to the staircase and the individual using it. So, even if there are objects in the way such as radiators, furniture, electricity & gas meters, cupboards or even turns in the staircase, we will usually always be able to find a stairlift to fit. What type of stairlift  an individual needs can very much depend on their height, weight and whether or not the can walk onto it or need to be transferred from a wheelchair. A stairlift is not a one size fits all solution, but Snowdrop Independent Living will endeavour to find a solution to every individuals needs.

A stairlift is also a relatively cost effective solution, quick to install and can also be temporary. Stairlifts are fitted to the staircase rather than the wall, and can be removed as quickly as they are installed should they need to be. This means that if someone has a major operation, comes home and cannot manage the stairs, they can temporarily have a stairlift fitted for a few weeks or months to help with accessing the bedroom and bathroom. It also means that if you move out of your house, your stairlift can be easily taken out.

To find out more about stairlifts, please call us on 029 2070 7111 for our Cardiff store, 01792 790678 for our Swansea store or 01437 768383 for our Haverfordwest store.

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