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Snowdrop Independent Living Terms and Conditions

c1 Basis of Sale and Service
1.1 The characteristics of the goods and services supplied are as detailed in the relevant sales literature unless varied expressly in the Customer’s order.
1.2 The customer may be entitled to claim Zero rate VAT if the service or products qualify and if also the consumer qualifies and completes the VAT Zero Rate eligibility declaration.
Where a VAT inclusive price is quoted, this will be subject to amendment if the VAT rate changes.

2. Charges
Rates for Callouts/ Labour hours and Parts prices will be communicated to the customer prior to commencement of any work. Where the total extent of the work to be carried out
to effect a repair cannot be established at the outset, Snowdrop shall advise the customer of the basis on which the works will be calculated and will seek permission to carry out
any additional works. Additional works exceeding £42 shall be progressed only when the customer expressly requests that Snowdrop proceed with the repairs quoted. This shall
constitute a separate contract.

3. Payment
3.1 Subject to any genuine claim for incomplete or substandard works, all payments shall be due within 7 calendar days of the date of the relevant invoice. Payment may be made by
Cash, Cheque, all major credit cards excluding American Express and Diners Club, or by BACS automated Credit to HSBC sort code: 402321 account No. 81390163 Quoting Account

If the Customer fails to make any payment on the due date in respect of the price or any other sum due under these terms and conditions then Snowdrop Independent Living shall
have the right to charge the Customer interest on a daily basis at an annual rate of 2.5% per cent plus the base rate of HSBC on any sum due and not paid on the due date.

4. Delivery
Any Delivery/Service Date stated shall be approximate, but Snowdrop Independent Living will endeavour to advise the customer of material delays in order to gain consent to
continue with the order. The customer is entitled to expect delivery of products or services within 30 days unless extensions to this period have been agreed with the customer in

5. Defective Goods
5.1 Any Goods returned which Snowdrop Independent Living is satisfied were supplied with defects in quality or condition shall either be made good or replaced free of charge
5.2 Snowdrop Independent Living shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, or any wilful damage, negligence, subjection to abnormal
conditions, failure to follow Snowdrop’s instructions (whether oral or in writing), misuse or alteration of the Goods without Snowdrop‘s approval, or any other act or omission on
the part of the Customer.

6. Liability
If Snowdrop Independent Living fails to perform its service with reasonable care and skill it will carry out remedial action at no extra cost to the Customer. If remedial action is not
possible Snowdrop Independent Living will pay for the damage caused.

7. Right of cancellation for purchases in the consumer’s home, place of work; or the home of another individual – Goods

7.1 Where the order for the goods were made in the consumer’s home, place of work; or the home of another individual, the consumer has a right to cancel the contract subject to
the following:

a The Customer cancels the order within 14 calendar days of delivery and then returns the product within 14 calendar days of cancellation. Refund for the goods plus any
applicable standard delivery charge will be made to the customer within 14 calendar days of the cancellation. The customer is responsible for returning the product to
Snowdrop. A collection fee will apply if the product requires collection. This does not apply if the product was left with the customer on the day the product was initially

b. The Goods are returned in their original condition. Due care must be taken to protect any item from marking or contamination. Any product which may be contaminated or is
marked in any way may not be refunded. Where an item has been used the customer shall be liable for the diminished value.

7.2 Exclusions apply to:
a. Bespoke products – Where the order is for a bespoke product and production is in progress charges will be levied as determined by the manufacturer. Where the order is in
advanced production with the manufacturer, or is completed – no cancellation of order is permitted. Payment will be due in full within the usual payment terms.

b. Goods which are sealed for health protection or hygiene reasons once unsealed cannot be returned as these could not be resold by the company.

7.3 If the Customer is dissatisfied with the quality of any Goods purchased from Snowdrop Independent Living, or feels that the specifications are not as agreed, the Customer may
cancel the Contract and return the Goods to the Seller and obtain a refund of the price of the returned Goods, provided:-

a. There is evidence that the product does not meet the agreed specifications

b. The Customer informs Snowdrop of the decision to cancel the Contract within 14 calendar days of delivery of the Goods; and

c. The Goods are returned unused in their original condition, unless they are faulty.

d. Where the order is for a bespoke product, the customer has refused an assessment and has supplied their own specifications cancellation will not be permitted.

8. Right of cancellation for purchases in the consumer’s home, place of work; or the home of another individual – Services

8.1 Where the order for the goods or service was made in the consumer’s home; place of work; or the home of another individual, the consumer has a right to cancel the contract up
to 14 calendar days after agreement of the contract. Should the customer expressly request that the service commence immediately they will not be able to cancel any part which
has been carried out. There is no right to cancel when the contract has been completed.

8.2 Contracts where the customer has contacted Snowdrop Independent Living to effect urgent repairs shall be wholly exempted from cancellation rights. This includes non-urgent
additional works up to the value of £42 which are identified and carried out. Additional work with a value exceeding £42 may be subject to 14 calendar days cancellation unless
the customer gives express consent for Snowdrop to continue with the repairs. This shall constitute a separate contract from the breakdown.

9. How to cancel good or services purchased/ordered in the consumer’s home, place of work; or the home of another individual

9.1 The right to cancel can be exercised at any time within the period of 14 calendar days starting with the date of receipt of the notice of the right to cancel the contract, and any
relevant products must be returned to Snowdrop Independent Living within 14 calendar days. A cancellation form may be used, but any form of communication by the customer
(phone, email, letter, fax or in person) will be acknowledged as the effective date of the cancellation which should then be confirmed in writing.

10 Right of cancellation for goods purchased at Snowdrop’s place of business

10.1 You don’t have a legal right to a refund or replacement just because you change your mind. As a courtesy to our customers Snowdrop offer a limited returns policy:

a. Where the product is selected and purchased from the shop and taken away by the customer, it may be returned within 14 days provided: it is brought back in it’s original
packaging; has not been used; and does not show any signs of soiling, damage or wear. The retailer reserves the right to decide if a product is acceptable to be taken back in for

b. Where a product cannot easily be resold, as either it has been ordered in to fulfil the order or Snowdrop have already restocked this item there will be a 20% restocking fee.

c. Where a product has been delivered to a customer Snowdrop will request that the customer covers the cost of restoring the product to Snowdrop premises. Collections will
cost a minimum of £50. The company retain the right to charge more where the distance or physical barriers justify this. Where the delivery cost was included in the original
sale an additional £50 will be due.

Exclusions will remain the same as those listed in 7.2 and 7.3

11 Additional Notes

11.1 A customer who has acquired possession of goods by virtue of a contract shall – on cancellation of the contract – be under a duty to restore those goods to the trader and
meanwhile to retain possession of the goods and to take reasonable care of them.

11.2 If applicable –a related credit agreement will automatically be cancelled if the contract for goods and services is cancelled;

12 Complaint Handling Policy
Customers have statutory rights and Snowdrop Independent Living is signed up to the Trading Standards Institute Approved Code of Practice as members of the BHTA (British
Health Trades Association). Should the consumer have reason to make a complaint they should contact The Directors, Snowdrop Independent Living, Snowdrop Lane,
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1ET; enquiries@snowdropindependentliving.co.uk. If the complaint is not felt to have been dealt with satisfactorily, the customer may seek
recourse to the BHTA. Suite 4.6, The Loom, 14 Gowers Walk, London E1 8PY. Phone: 020 7702 2141 ; info@bhta.com

Snowdrop Independent Living Ltd of Snowdrop Lane, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1ET are an anointed representative of Mark Bates Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN:308390.

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