Supporting the Elderly Farmer

How can we best support the elderly farmer?

At Snowdrop Independent Living, our challenge is to find ways to let people know that there is equipment available to make life easier for the active and able-bodied individual, as well as people in critical need of help and support. From the moment of sitting up in bed and manoeuvring into a vertical position – where a profiling bed, or even a simple bed rail can make all the difference – to reaching down to heave on a pesky pair of socks – a process much helped by the Dorking Stocking Donner – there are solutions designed to ease the concoction of aches and ailments the passing years can bring.

Footwear is often considered only in terms of aesthetics, and yet we know the right pair of shoes to be an essential piece of kit, chiefly aiding in the prevention of falls and injuries.

Another farming-community-must is the off-road rollator which can be used on all sorts of terrain and restore priceless freedom to roam the land. Scooters can aid in covering longer distances – perhaps with a rain-proof cover, especially useful when living in Pembrokeshire – and ergonomic long-handled super-light garden tools and kneeling aids can return the joy of tending the vegetable patch.

For items in the kitchen, there are all manner of devices – plug-pullers, jar openers, tap turners – and even can-keys. If you are sitting for long periods of time, the right method of riser-recliner able to elevate problem areas is a god-send, and pressure care is a consideration best approached as prevention rather than cure.

Whatever your problem – whether you are struggling to lift the kettle to make a cup of tea, losing confidence to manage the stairs, or suddenly encountering difficulties incontinence – we are here to advise and support you to find the best solution.

You can contact us by phone, email, or simply pop into you nearest showroom which has a distinctly traditional signature atmosphere of caring service and attention to detail.