Supporting Someone After Hospital Discharge

With Covid-19 placing a strain on the NHS, early or rapid discharges are happening more frequently. If you will be acting as a primary caregiver to a friend or relative for the first time after a hospital stay, it may feel overwhelming to predict and adapt to the sudden changes in needs you’ll be faced with. However, there are lots of products and services designed to help you and the person you care for to cope with their return from the hospital, and many organisations that can help.

1. Additional Professional Support

As part of the discharge assessment carried out with the patient and carer, requirements for professional caring support will be identified before the patient leaves the hospital. Unfortunately, this is often limited and provided only for a short time. If you need ongoing help from a professional carer, Age UK has some good advice on how to access financial help to pay for this. You can also call Carers Direct on 0808 802 0202 to discuss with a social worker what help you might need, and which local services could make life easier for you.

2. Personal Support

Caring for a loved one, whether full- or part-time, can be stressful and may leave you feeling both physically and mentally burned out. If you find yourself struggling, support is available. Carers Trust and Carers UK both offer lots of advice and resources different situations on their websites and helplines, and various organisations like Mobilise are offering online support – like ‘Cuppa for Carers’ – to help people cope while in isolation.

3. Mobility Equipment

While patients will be sent home with the equipment they need and, if necessary, a supply of incontinence products, these are often very basic. At Snowdrop, we carry a range of products that make the transition from hospital to home easier and more comfortable for both you and the person you will be caring for, such as:

  • Adjustable nursing beds to reduce back strain and help patients lay or sit comfortably
  • Commodes in various styles to reduce the need to get up/down stairs or transfer from a chair to use the bathroom
  • Incontinence products including pads, pants and wipes to keep patients clean and comfortable
  • A range of comfort products including pressure-care cushions in a variety of styles, and specially designed wedges and pillows to support posture and reduce pain
  • Living aids such as long-handled reachers, rollators, walking sticks and overbed tables to make it easier for patients to use their home independently
  • Home adaptations like stairlifts, grab rails, ramps and level access bathrooms to make it easier for your loved one to get around their house.

We are currently arranging contact-free doorstep collections and deliveries to safely get equipment to those who need it. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your situation and advise you on how to make the transfer from hospital to home as easy as possible. Give us a call on 0333 200 1337 to find out how we can help.

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