Stair lift service made easy

Unanticipated expenses are nearly impossible to avoid within our homes. These abrupt issues and their associated costs can cause people distress, however, their probabilities can be minimised to a certain extent.

Stair lifts create freedom and independence, improving accessibility across the property without having to depend on anyone else, and with that comes peace of mind. It is therefore important that, just like you would with a car, you have your stair lift serviced at least once a year.

Occasionally, stair lifts can show signs that the service is due by making unusual sounds or stopping intermittently, for example. We want to reassure our customers that Snowdrop is always here to look after you, from purchasing your stair lift to after-care and maintenance, we are one call away.

We asked our Swansea engineering team, who are hugely experienced in this area, for their top three reasons for booking in a service:

1. Battery change – a common fault is where the batteries gradually lose power. When serviced yearly, this can be diagnosed and changed to avoid an emergency break down in the near future.
2. Lubrication – keep your stair lift running smoothly, reducing the likelihood of stoppages/noises that can lead to major mechanical defects.
3. User error faults – mistakes happen, could be the click of a wrong button or even forgetting to release the seatbelt. Our engineers will guide you on operating your stair lift to prevent this type of errors from arising.

Buckle up with confidence

If you think your stair lift is due a service, please either drop us an email, or call us on 0333 200 1337.

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