Snowdrop Independent Living Launches Virtual Test Drive

Overcoming personal barriers when buying a mobility scooter is very common for those who have never experienced what it’s like to use one. Many customers may feel overwhelmed about taking a test-drive, as this also gives a glimpse into using a scooter, and what potential hazards might be. That’s why at Snowdrop, we have spent time curating a virtual test drive, that can be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

Why did we create the Virtual Test Drive?

The virtual test drive experience aims to boost customer confidence when shopping for a mobility scooter. Unless you need a mobility scooter, the chances are you would never have used one before. So, just like adapting to a new car or bike, it takes a little time to adjust to choosing, buying and owning a scooter. The virtual experience is designed to familiarise our customers with our mobility scooters before you even step a foot into our showrooms, so you are at your most comfortable and confident self at our in-store test-drives. It is important to us that our customers are equipped with all the knowledge that you need before deciding that a mobility scooter is the right product for you. Whether the nerves are aimed at driving the scooter itself, or talking to our staff about your mobility needs, the experience can be watched from home, at your own individual pace.

For those who are simply curious about how a mobility scooter works, and what it is like to drive one, this is the perfect way to experience it, without making an enquiry with us just yet.

Following Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, we feel interactive online content is another important way to serve our customers and keep everyone safe.

How will it benefit our customers?

These online resources will not only inform our customers about safe mobility practice, and key features of a mobility scooter, but will immerse customers into a digital experience and help imagine what it is like to use one. This 360 degree immersive element could also benefit customers who are a little reluctant to accepting that a scooter could significantly improve their quality of life.

The virtual test drive is not just aimed at future mobility scooter users, but for friends, family, carers and clinicians too. If someone you know or love is beginning their journey to owning a mobility scooter, the virtual experience aims to help you understand what they will need to adapt to.

How can I watch?

The test drive experience video is available to view below, and you can also visit our YouTube channel for more. Make sure to interact with the video by physically moving and tilting your phone or tablet, or dragging around the screen if you are using a laptop or computer.

If you have any questions about the information in our virtual test drive, or would like to arrange for an in-store test-drive, email us at or give us a call on 0333 200 1337.


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