7 Reasons to Invest in a Riser Recliner

Everyone likes a comfy armchair, but did you know that the right seating can significantly improve health and wellbeing too?

Read on to find out how a riser recliner chair helps support mobility, posture and independence.


  1. No More Difficulty Standing Up and Sitting Down

    The most obvious benefit of owning a riser recliner chair is the ease of standing up and sitting down.

    A riser recliner gently raises you from a reclined or seated position to almost-standing (or vice-versa). This mechanism alleviates the strain and pressure that can come from getting in and out of a chair and makes users less dependent on others for assistance.

  2. Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries

    Pressure sores are a big concern for people who have limited mobility. Sitting or lying in one position for prolonged periods can put a lot of pressure on the skin and underlying tissue, causing injuries that are often very painful.

    Riser recliners are highly adjustable with just a press of a button, making it easy to change position and relieve pressure. Being able to stand up and sit down unaided helps to prevent pressure sores as users aren’t confined to a chair.

    Riser recliners can be made with inbuilt pressure care cushions made from gel, air or foam to prevent worsening of existing injuries.

  3. Increased Motility

    Riser recliner chairs can improve mobility beyond just helping people to get in and out of their chair. Joints can often start to feel stiff after sitting in one position for a long time, and this in itself can reduce mobility.

    The easy repositioning afforded by a riser recliner chair makes it possible to move around in the seat as well as aiding in getting up to move around. Keeping the body moving in these ways helps to prevent stiffness and promote strength and range of movement in joints and muscles, which in turn helps to prevent falls, preserve strength and reduce pain.

  4. Improved Circulation

    Swelling and circulation issues can often present when seated for a long time, especially for people prone to low blood-pressure or fluid-retention.

    When the legs are lower than the rest of the body all the time, fluid can collect in the lower legs leading to swollen ankles and blood can pool around the calves, leading to varicose veins. A riser recliner lets the user keep their legs raised, aiding in healthy circulation and reduced swelling.

  5. Perfectly Tailored Support

    Riser recliners are made to measure to support the unique needs of the user – an incorrectly measured chair can cause postural or pressure issues, while one that’s too tall or too short for the individual user can be harder to get in and out of.

    With a range of adjustments and accessions available, every recliner is made to be perfect for the person using it. From wooden “knuckles” that help to grip the armrest, to lateral support that supports posture and prevents sideways movement, riser recliners are a truly bespoke option.

  6. Superior Levels of Comfort

    While all of the impacts seating has on health, posture and mobility are significant, what matters most to someone who spends a significant amount of time in a chair is whether or not they’re comfortable!

    Riser recliner chairs are available in a huge range of different styles and configurations, but their common theme is the superior comfort offered. High-quality fabric, no painful pressure points, comfy cushioning and perfectly supported posture combine to make riser recliner chairs the most comfortable seating you’ll find.

  7. Prolonged Independence

    By far the most important benefit of these chairs is that, through all the factors above, they help users to maintain long-term independence and mobility.

    By addressing common physical concerns faced by people who have reduced mobility, these chairs can not only prevent deterioration but sometimes even improve existing postural and health issues. This, in turn, helps people to stay healthy, mobile and living independently for longer.


If you think you or a loved one would benefit from one of these chairs, visit your nearest Snowdrop Showroom or give us a call for an assessment, or visit our online shop here.

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