Universal Kettle Tipper

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This innovative kettle tipper is designed to be compatible with most kettle types including standard, jug and cordless kettles. The lever can be positioned on either side of the tipper to tip the kettle whilst it is held in place, without the user having to actually lift the water. This reduces the effort required and potential strain on the wrist that can occur when holding the kettle handle. For added safety the kettle will rock back into the upright position if the user lets go during use. Feet are padded in rubber to avoid slipping during use.

The perfect mobility aid for any tea or coffee lover whose wrist strength is reduced, including the elderly, people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, or those with arthritis. It gives family and carers peace of mind by reducing the risk of wrist strain and scalding. A useful tool to support independent living and help people with dementia remain safe at home.