Softform Premier Original

The Softform Premier Original is a high specification replacement mattress designed to meet the demands of the Community and Acute healthcare environment. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution at a cost effective price. The Softform Premier Original is suitable for those considered at ‘High/Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.

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Effective pressure ulcer prevention
The European Pressure Ulcer Advisor Panel suggests the avoidance of subjecting the skin to both pressure and shear forces, both major contributory factors in the development of pressure ulcers. The Softform Premier Original has been designed to actively address these factors. A unique contoured insert pad, constructed from castellated foam cells, which conform independently to movement and body
position to effectively reduce shear and friction forces. In addition the high specification foam support surface provides excellent comfort and pressure redistribution. The mattress has a non-glued construction, which allows for good conformity when profiled on electric bed frames
and enables air to flow freely between castellations, attributing to a healthy micro-climate. The high specification foam interface offers a comfortable, effective pressure redistributing surface for patients at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. The high specification
foam is specifically cut for effective contouring, microclimate and pressure redistribution.

Cover is resistant to fluid ingress
The cover is two-way stretch waterproof polyurethane with high frequency welded seams with a full length flap concealing the zip. These
features combine to effectively reduce the potential of fluid ingress. The cover also features a toughed PU coated base to prolong the longevity
of the mattress. The mattress zip is fully covered with a flap to protect it from fluid ingress, it is welded not sewn to give maximum protection for infection control. The cover is zipped around all 4 sides with the top and bottom cover being completely detachable, which not only aids internal mattress inspection but also allows for economic replacement costs.

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