A highly adjustable, modular seating system for clients with complex postural and pressure management needs.

* The SmartSeat Pro is a bespoke product, please book a demo or home visit for a no obligation quote




Nursing and residential homes

Specialist wards

Stroke rehabilitation, brain or spinal injury, intensive therapy units

Domestic and homecare


Client Groups:

Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis

Semi-ambulant or non-ambulant

Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Cerebral Palsy (particularly young adults)

Dementia Care

Head injury and spinal cord injury

Stroke rehabilitation



Adjustable head and shoulder support

Tilt-in-Space (TiS) – Redistribute body weight whilst maintaining hip and knee angle.

Back angle recline – Offers a comfortable hip position.

Removable arms – Both arms are removable allowing easy access and transfer from both sides.

Back height adjustment

Mild lateral supports – In-built mild lateral supports, which can be used as elbow pads.

Seat depth adjustment – The seat depth can be easily adjusted to ensure the user’s pelvis stays right back in the seat. This ensures correct pelvic alignment and prevents a tilted sacral sitting posture.

Seat width adjustment

Full width, independently elevating, floating-tracking leg rest – Elevates to 90° with no gap – eliminating the risk of entrapment. Channels as standard to help keep the legs in a comfortable and safe position. Slight negative angle when closed aids easy standing.

Integral, stowable angle adjustable footplate – Stability and sensory feedback.

4 fully braked casters – The castors have sealed bearing hubs for enhanced durability and smoother manoeuvrability. Each castor has a full brake to stop rolling.

Maximum Pressure Relief – The seat cushion uses CareFlex WaterCell Technology® and Vapour Permeable (VP) upholstery, which work synergistically to provide continuous pressure relief.

Advanced materials – Hard wearing and easy to clean.

Small: Internal Seat Width: 280 – 400mm Small Maximum User Weight 100kg
Medium: Internal Seat Width: 380 – 500mm Medium Maximum User Weight 160kg


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