The revolutionary chair, incorporating three new design patents and perfectly adapted for individuals and multiple users.

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Domestic and homecare

Nursing and residential homes

Hospital wards

Hospices and respite care

Paediatric units and schools


Client Groups:

Congenital conditions (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)

Neurological conditions (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular, Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease)

Early stage Huntington’s Disease

Lower limb amputees

Stroke rehabilitation

Learning difficulties

Frail and elderly



Tilt-in-Space (TiS) Allows you to change the reclining angle of the chair seat and back without adjusting the user’s hip and knee angle.

Flat Back Cushion providing optimal comfort and pressure relief.

Recessed Ergonomic Push Handle for safe and easy handling – designed with carers in mind.

Section Back with Dynamic Spring – The three part back cushion utilises formed wire technology commonly used in car seats. This reduces the amount of material required to generate the back support and the natural flex and spring of the wires results in a reflexive, comfortable support. The back has three separate sections for lumbar, mid back and upper back. The lumbar section is curved to support the lordosis. The middle section can be interchanged to be either flat or laterally contoured for moderate trunk support.

Maximum Pressure Relief – The seat cushion uses CareFlex WaterCell Technology® and Vapour Permeable (VP) upholstery, which work synergistically to provide continuous pressure relief.

Easy Seat Adjustments – Tailored seat-width adjustment is built into the chair with a simple single handed adjustment system. This makes it ideal for multiple users with no need to remove upholstery or use tools. In addition, there are three seat height settings allowing the chair to be configured to suit each user. Correct seat height supports the user’s independence, enabling them to rise to standing more easily.

Adjustable Seat Depth – The seat depth can be easily adjusted to ensure the user’s pelvis stays right back in the seat. This ensures correct pelvic alignment and prevents a tilted sacral sitting posture.

Fully Removable Arms – Both arms are removable allowing easy access and transfer from both sides.

Independently Elevating, Floating-Tracking Legrest – The legrest smoothly follows the biomechanical movement of the lower legs as they pivot at the knee joint, giving uniform support to the lower legs and knee whilst preventing drag to the skin.

Integral Stowable Angle Adjustable Footplate – The first chair to offer an integral footplate that can be deployed at any point in the range of motion and stows away behind the legrest. The footplate can be extended to accommodate larger feet and its angle can be adjusted for maximum comfort, when the user’s legs are elevated.

4 Fully Braked Castors – The castors have sealed bearing hubs for enhanced durability and smoother manoeuvrability. Each castor has a full brake to stop rolling.

J-Strip Covering Technology, Hook and Loop-Free Covers, Fully Removable neat fitting removable covers have been achieved by using J-Strip technology, meaning less risk of infection and a smarter finish to the chair.

Advanced Materials, Fully Recyclable – The chair is built from fully recyclable materials, which also perform to the highest standards in the everyday care environment.

Small: Internal Seat Width 280 – 400mm Maximum User Weight 100kg

Medium: Internal Seat Width 380 – 500mm Maximum User Weight 160kg



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