Savanah Slatted Showerboard

Similar to the slatted bath board but supplied with 2 additional slats to provide extra comfort and support. Consists of the same features as the bath board, it may also be used with the bath board handle.

Made with a smooth, reinforced plastic slats, this shower board provides a strong, comfortable, quick draining design.

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Made with smooth, reinforced plastic slats, the Savanah shower board provides a strong comfortable, quick draining design. The wide seating surface gives more confidence to users when transferring and gives a larger surface area, and therefore more comfort, for users who need to shower on the board. The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and all fittings are stainless steel, ensuring the shower board is corrosion resistant. The brackets include a serrated face and rubber buffers to help secure the board in place. The bracket may also be angled to position the board further back into the bath. Rubber pads under the slats help prevent the board slipping on the rim of the bath.

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65cm (26"), 67.5cm (27"), 70cm (28"), 75cm (30")

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