Sapphire 2 Pavement Scooter

Designed to give exceptional manoeuvrability both indoors and out, the Sapphire 2 is a portable 4mph scooter that separates into 4 easy to manage parts.

£1,460.00 ex. VAT


Dual handles fitted to the batteries and rear drive unit make lifting and handling your scooter safer and more manageable, whilst powerful LED lights on the front and rear ensure you’re always seen on your travels. The ergonomic floor panel design also provides maximum legroom compared to other scooters in its class. The maximum range is up to 19 miles.

Detachable – To get your Sapphire 2 ready for transporting, simply lift off the seat, lift out the batteries, and lift the rear handle to separate the front and rear of the scooter. It really is that simple! By the way it goes back together just as smoothly!

Transportable – The Sapphire 2 can be loaded into your vehicle. Luckily, as one of the lightest scooters in its class, this is no problem with the handles fitted to the batteries and rear drive unit. These make lifting and handling the parts safer and more comfortable.

Comfortable – Now you’re ready! Stretch out your legs and take advantage of the Sterling Comfort package: three wheel legroom with four wheel stability, infinitely adjustable tiller, wrap-around handle bars and finger/thumb directional control all fitted as standard.


Total Weight 79 kg 174 lb
Max. Speed 6.4 kph 4 mph
Travel Range 30.5 km 19 Miles
Max. Safe Slope 10º 17.50%
Scooter Length 121 cm 47½“
Scooter Width 59 cm 23“
Max. User Weight 150 kg 23 St

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