Padded Raised Toilet Seat

Ideal for those who struggle to get up from a low seat, this raised toilet seat has soft padding to make for a more comfortable experience in the bathroom.

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A soft cushion that attaches to the existing toilet seat to provide comfort and to raise the seat height. The cushion simply attaches with four hook and loop straps. The white vinyl covering protects the cushion and is easily cleaned.

Key Features:

  • Value for money
  • Provides extra comfort and height
  • Can be cleaned with ease
  • Padded toilet seat for extra comfort and extra height
  • Vinyl cover for easy cleaning
  • Easy to fix to an existing toilet seat
  • Independent living bathroom aid

There is an easy hook and loop attachment, no need to use screws and a screwdriver! The easy to clean vinyl covering means that high standards of hygiene can be maintained at all times.

The Padded Raised Toilet Seat is available in two heights (details below)

Product Dimensions:

Width: 36cm (14 inches)

Length: 41cm (16 inches)

Height: 10cm (4 inches)

Also known as a zimmer frame.

Additional information


122x71cm, 145x71cm, 60x41cm

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