mLite Folding Scooter

The mLite folding scooter weighs just 17.8kg making it the lightest folding mobility scooter on the UK market. The easy to remove lithium battery pack weighs just 1.85kg and offers the option of both on or off board charging. The battery even has a handy status indicator to show quickly when removed how charged the battery is.

£2,095.00 ex. VAT


Using a revolutionary quick and simple sliding mechanism the mLite offers both a comfortable spacious ride when unfolded but is still one of the most compact scooters on the market when folded. This allows it to fit in any car boot, or even the rear footwell of most cars. The extendable handle also offers the ability to easily manoeuvre when folded , making it even easier to store or travel with using public transport.

Despite its compact size the mLite folding scooter has an outstanding 18 stone weight limit and a powerful motor which allows it to outperform most small scooters on the market. The extra soft compound solid tyres and soft rubber seat also provide a level of comfort usually only provided on larger scooters.

Key Features:

  • Lightest folding scooter on the UK market
  • Sliding mechanism for easy folding
  • Extendable handle for easy transportation
  • Powerful motor and luxury comfort level


Total Weight 17.8 kg 39 lb
Max. Speed 6 kph 4 mph
Travel Range 9.8 km 6 Miles
Max. Safe Slope 6ยบ 10.51%
Scooter Length 85 cm 33.5″
Scooter Width 42 cm 17″
Max. User Weight 115 kg 18 St

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