Maxi XLS



The Maxi XLS Mobility Scooter is ideal for those looking to tackle all terrain outdoor use. With front and rear suspension and a high ground clearance the Maxi can navigate uneven terrain and pavements with ease.

The Maxi has a great turning radius and suprising maneuverability suitable for shopping centres and town centres.

Improved looks and better suspension.

Travelling at speeds of up to 8mph The Maxi will travel distances of up to 35 miles on a single charge making it perfect for longer trips and all day use.

If you are looking for a premium scooter that’s fully equipped, then the Maxi XL simply has to be the one for you!


  • Full lighting system including headlamps and indicators
  • Delta-type handle bar and twin rear view mirrors allow for easy steering and safety
  • Swivel captain seat and all round suspension provides maximum comfort
  • Convenient rear storage basket
  • Two-tone stylish front panel, available in Black, Blue and Graphite.


Total Weight138 kg304 lb
Max. Speed12.8 kph8 mph
Travel Range57 km35 Miles
Max. Safe Slope12º21 %
Scooter Length145 cm57“
Scooter Width67 cm26 ½“
Max. User Weight200 kg31 St