Leg Lifter

The stiffened strap enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when using the bed, wheelchair, footstool etc.

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Aids Limited Function in the Lower Extremities

Ideal for those with little to no strength in the lower extremities, Rigid Leg Lifter is used to lift legs onto a bed, onto a wheelchair footplate, or into a car. The strap features an adjustable loop opening that loops around the foot or lower leg for easier transfer. The same loop opening can be pre-bent to accommodate the width of a postoperative cast. The mobility aid is sold individually or in a pack of 5 (41” length only).

Features Rigid Foot Loop and Flexible Hand Loop

A metal rod down the lifter’s shaft provides easier control, and the grip handle at the opposite end of the loop opening features flexible webbing for greater hand comfort. The rigid foot loop is designed to not bend out of shape but is flexible enough to adjust to all foot shapes and sizes. Measuring 20.5″ in circumference, the foot loop also remains open even when not in use.

Various Lengths Accommodates All Heights

Improving mobility and adding convenience to your daily routine, simply slip the rigid foot loop on and use the webbed hand grip with extended reach to help move your leg. The Rigid Leg Lifter is available in various lengths to accommodate all heights including: 34 ½” in length for shorter adults and pediatric patients or 41” in length for most adults. The thin and lightweight design also makes the leg lifter ideal for use during travel.

Length 86cm (34″)

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