Independence 3m Steplift

The stylish Independence Steplift, with its lightweight aluminium and stainless steel construction, provides both strength and
modern aesthetics. Capable of lifting 500kg.

*The Independence steplift is a bespoke product, please request a home visit for a no obligation quote



The Independence is available in two models depending on your travel height requirement – for up to either 2 metre or 3 metre travel. With a range of platform sizes and configurations, you can choose the system that best suits your user needs and available space. The quiet battery operation provides smooth transit and is suitable for both internal and external locations either at home or in public spaces.

Style that lasts
The Independence is designed to be as robust as it is stylish, and is therefore an ideal option for both internal and external environments.
With the pump unit integrated within the lift it offers reduced vandalism risk and with no need for a separate control unit location minimises installation time and builders work. The lift can also be relocated and gates rehanded to open either direction, offering great flexibility for the future. The easy to service 2-piece system means your Independence Steplift will provide reliable and efficient access for many years.

Standard Features

Stylish design
Side panels and upper/lower gates in powder coated
aluminium with acrylic infills
Manual gate(s)
Built-in ramp
Battery powered (integral to rail structure)
Integrated pump unit and controls

Excellent safety as standard
Full platform safety edge
On board manual lowering system
Emergency release on upper and lower level gates
Battery backup

Simple to install
Easy to service 2-piece system
Gates can be rehanded (change opening direction)
Can be relocated

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