Illusion Ultra Light Weight Portable Scooter

The new generation Illusion portable scooter has been designed and manufactured to be light and portable. It’s extremely lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium components combined with the exceptionally light but powerful lithium battery pack makes this scooter the lightest four wheel, car transportable, full suspension portable scooter in the world!

£1,899.00 ex. VAT


Key Features:

  • Ultra-Lightweight lithium battery
  • Manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Heaviest part when disassembled weighs less than 10kg
  • All-round suspension with superbly comfortable ride
  • Also available with a twin battery pack, allowing you to double your travel distance (Illusion Endurance)

Its unique splitting design means the Illusion is fast and easy to take apart and reassemble with the heaviest disassembled part weighing under 10kg! This makes it so much easier to handle especially when lifting is required such as putting into or taking it out of your car. Furthermore the unique tiller controls allows you to use either your fingers or thumbs to control the scooter.

Not only super light which is ideal as a portable scooter, the Illusion is also super comfy with its advanced engineered adjustable front and rear suspension and luxury padded supportive seat guaranteeing you a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Other great features include the uniquely designed shrouding which allows users of all heights (including taller users) a spacious and comfortable seating position while the easy-to-access tiller charger port, powerful front LED light and secure-grip tiller are all included as standard.


Total Weight 30.7 kg 67.75 lb
Max. Speed 6.44 kph 4 mph
Travel Range 16 km 10 Miles
Max. Safe Slope 10º 17.5%
Scooter Length 103 cm 41″
Scooter Width 49 cm 19″
Max. User Weight 115 kg 18 St


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