Freecurve Curved Stairlift

The Freecurve is tailor made for your staircase and can be customised to suit your individual needs.

The unique, single rail design is not only slim and unobtrusive on your stairs, it also enables you to choose from a selection of colours to match your home and décor.

*The Freecurve curved stairlift is a bespoke product, please request a home visit for a no obligation quote



The Handicare Freecurve seat also comes in a wide variety of styles and choices as well. You can choose from Classic, Elegance or Alliance seats to further customise your lift both in terms of how it looks and also the optional features that you can add.

The Freecurve also has powered and automatic options to suit your exact needs. The almost limitless customizable options for the Freecurve make it the perfect stairlift for any home.

Available Options:

  • Powered swivel seat: To automatically swivel your seat round so that you exit onto the landing safely.
  • Turn & Go: Developed for very narrow curved staircase.
  • Active Seat: This unique and patented development provides assistance for those users who would like some additional support when getting on or off the stairlift.
  • Unique Illuminated footplate: When this powered footplate is unfolded, it is automatically illuminated.
  • Powered footplate: To maximize free space, you can automatically fold up the footplate.

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