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Rugged, Robust, Reliable: The Comet is packed with features that enable a safe, fast and enjoyable drive. Reliability remains the hallmark of this secure and speedy scooter. Whether stocking up at the supermarket or challenging its outdoor performance, you can rely on the Comet to get you where you want to go, quickly, in comfort and with peace of mind.

A soft swiveling seat offers you an optimal driving position and allows you to move around and enjoy activities while seated. By combining rugged outdoor capabilities with ergonomics and good looks, the Comet is a stellar solution for your transportation needs.

Revolving Seat
Reclining Backrest
Safety belt
Front and rear bumpers
Ergonomic steering allows for easy steering in even the tightest of spaces
Automatically slows down when turning for maximum safety
Spring suspension on all 4 wheels
Stylish road standard light system

Total Weight 136 kg 300 lb
Max. Speed 12.8 kph 8 mph
Travel Range 55 km 34 Miles
Max. Safe Slope 10º 17.50%
Scooter Length 148 cm 59“
Scooter Width 66 cm 26“
Max. User Weight 160 kg 25 St