Ceiling Track Hoists

A ceiling track hoist allows a carer to transport and position a patient or family member with minimal physical exertion, throughout a room or entire floor level.

*The Ceiling Track Hoist is a bespoke product, please request a home visit for a no obligation quote


Benefits of a ceiling track hoist system include:

  • Secure method to transport clients
  • Eliminate risk of back injury for carers
  • Less space required to operate than floor hoists
  • Less obtrusive than floor-based hoists
  • Always available

Why you should choose Snowdrop Independent Living to install your ceiling track hoist:

  • Competitive quote
  • Wide range of options and styles to suit all budgets
  • Meticulously designed
  • Free, fast home survey
  • 14 years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining track hoists
  • Highly trained, professional technicians
  • Committed to excellent service

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