Walking Aids

Walking is an important function your body needs to perform for completing day-to-day tasks. If your ability to walk is limited, you might wish to consider using walking aids to regain your mobility and continue to enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Walking aids are typically used for two purposes:

1. As part of a rehabilitation programme if you are recovering from an injury or operation
2. As a long-term aid to mobility if you are experiencing ongoing difficulty with walking

With many products and variations available on the market, our goal is to guide you through the options to find the most suitable walking aid for you and your needs.

Popular walking aids include walking frames (more commonly known as Zimmer frames), walkers, rollators, crutches, and walking sticks.


Thinking of buying a walking aid?

View our Top Tips:

1. Test the product(s) in person
This really is the best way to choose an aid. The product should be tailormade for your height, weight, and purpose of use.
2. Consider the points of contact with the floor
Four-wheeled walkers will provide more stability and support compared to three-wheeler options or a walking stick.
3. Consider what you need to carry with you
Some walkers and rollators have built-in seats or baskets. You can also purchase additional accessories including walking stick holders or clip-on bags to help carry essentials around.


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