Types of Chairs

Our recliners are designed to help you stand up and sit down safely with ease.

Key features in our riser recliner chair range to give more flexibility over your positioning include:

-Easy to use remote control
-Bespoke back style, fabric colour and size
-Quiet motor with a smooth lift
-Tilt-in-Space option available with single or dual motor


The 3 types of riser recliner chairs

There are three main motor functions of riser recliner chairs, also known as electric adjustable chairs.

1. Single Motor Chairs

Single motor chairs are ideal if you would like your back and legs to recline simultaneously. In a single motor chair, the quiet motor will raise the footrest as the back starts to recline. This position is great for sleeping, watching TV, or having a mid-afternoon snooze. With the touch of a button, you can return to the sitting position, and then gently rise to standing with ease.

2. Dual Motor Chairs

Dual motor chairs are great if you would like a wide range of seating positions. In a dual motor chair, the backrest and footrest can be adjusted separately or simultaneously – allowing more choice and freedom. The dual motor riser recliner rises in the same way as single motor chairs.

3. Tilt-in-Space Chairs

Tilt-in-Space is a sophisticated reclining function that can be added to both single and dual motor chairs. The Tilt-in-Space feature allows the chair to move as a unit so that it doesn’t cause any friction on your back and allows your body weight to be distributed evenly. The Tilt-in-Space functionality is perfect for:

-Elevating your legs above your hips if you suffer from oedema fluid retention in the body or leg swelling
-Individuals with back or neck problems as the back and pelvis are continually supported
-Redistributing pressure to reduce the chance of developing pressure sores or feeling discomfort in the chair

Experience the Tilt-in-Space and compare it to a standard single or dual motor in our showrooms or in the comfort of your own home.

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