Buying Guide

Finding the perfect riser recliner to support your posture and mobility

Ask yourself the following questions when looking for a chair that is both comfortable to sit in and easy to use.

How long will you be sitting in the chair each day?

Understanding the length of time sat each day helps our staff to determine which type and style of chair would best suit your individual needs. If you intend to only be in the chair for a few hours at a time, there should be little need for added pressure care or specialised seating options. However, if you are sat in the chair for over 8 hours a day, our staff will recommend tailored seating solutions for you.

Would you prefer the option to recline your legs and back separately?

If so, a dual motor riser recliner chair would be your best option as it features a wide range of seating positions.

Would you like to customise the chair to match your home interior and furnishings?

If yes, you can choose from our leather and fabric guide and arm rest styles in a range of colours and patterns to suit your home.

Do you have the space for the chair?

The chair will need a little room behind, and in front, for the rise and recline positions. We will deliver and assemble your chair in your chosen room at a time convenient for you.

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