Power Chairs

We believe personal mobility is a lifeline to independence.

Powerchairs can provide freedom and confidence for many people with disabilities, offering the ability to travel outdoors without assistance.

Powerchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs or powered wheelchairs, can be used indoors and outdoors, are very easy to control, and can maneuver into tight spaces. Most are operated by joysticks that allow users with different levels of mobility to have complete control of their powerchair.

Talk to our team who will expertly match our range of power chairs to suit your, or a loved one’s individual needs. We can assess your requirements in our showrooms or over the phone.

Top tips when choosing a powerchair:

Consider the size of the powerchair

Ask yourself, are you looking for a powerchair to use occasionally, or all day? Do you often travel by car? Answering these questions will help you work out if you should opt for a smaller more portable powerchair, or a full-sized chair that may be more comfortable for longer periods of travel.

Consider the drive system

Powerchairs generally have three different types of drive system, front wheel drive, mid wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. The drive system will help you tackle things like tight turning circles and rough terrain. Which drive system will suit you best? Our staff can advise you and demonstrate all these drive systems in our showrooms.

Consider your environment

Will the use of your powerchair be mainly indoors, or will outdoor journeys be more common? It is important to consider whether your powerchair is needed to move around your home efficiently, or required for tougher, outdoor terrain.

Consider your seating needs

How long will you be spending in a powerchair? For those who will be spending long periods of time sat in a powerchair it is important to consider seating needs to help relieve pressure and increase blood flow. Our staff can provide expert advice on the range of specialist seating options available to you.


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