Types of Mobility Scooters

Here are some key points you should consider when choosing the right mobility scooter. Visit our showrooms to discuss your needs with our friendly staff for personalised advice and product recommendations.

  • Size, storage and transport
  • Speed and distance
  • Comfort
  • Price and availability
  • Suitability
  • Colour, style, and accessories

Portable Scooter

Folding Scooter

Pavement Scooter

Road Scooter

Portable Scooters

Portable scooters are smaller, lighter scooters which can be disassembled quickly. Choosing one with a lithium battery can also extend the travel range as well as making it easy to store and carry.

Portable scooter features:

  • Disassembled light weight parts
  • Lithium battery option
  • Small size for indoor use and storage

Folding Scooters

Similar to portable scooters, folding scooters are designed for easy storage and transport. These scooters can be folded manually or automatically by remote control.

Folding scooter features:

  • Automatic folding with remote control
  • Small storage space required (e.g. cupboard under stairs)
  • Can be wheeled around like a suitcase when folded

Pavement Scooters

Pavement scooters are perfect for indoor and outdoor use to visit your local shops, parks and get around for everyday tasks. These scooters normally feature improved suspension, larger seats, and an armrest for a more comfortable ride.

Pavement scooter features:

  • Solid pneumatic tyres or air tyres
  • Greater range than smaller scooters
  • Available in 4mp or 8mph models

Road Scooters

Road scooters are more cost-effective to run compared to a car. These scooters are more robust and offer a longer driving range up to 35 miles.

Road scooter features:


  • Travel up to 8mph with no road tax to pay
  • Longer driving range
  • Improved driving performance over terrain
  • Better suspension for a smoother ride


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