Mobility Scooter Insurance

Cover for your mobility scooter and power chair

Even the most careful of drivers may become involved in an accident or have their scooter damaged. This is where having mobility scooter insurance can be a huge benefit to those wanting complete peace of mind. A suitable policy contains protection for you and those around you and covers repairs to your scooter should the worst happen.

Mobility insurance – A step by step guide

Read our guide on scooter use and what to consider when insuring your mobility equipment:

Which class of mobility scooter do I have?
– Class 2
• Maximum speed of 4mph
• Pavement use only (unless there is not a pavement)
• No requirement to register with the DVLA

– Class 3
• Maximum speed of 8mph when used on the road
• Maximum speed of 4mph when used on pavements
• Maximum weight of 150 kg
• When in use you must obey all regulations just like any other road user and have efficient brakes, indicators, a rear-view mirror, horn, and rear lights
• Must be registered with the DVLA

Why is that important to know?
The insurance you buy will need to reflect how you will use your scooter.
We provide two levels of insurance, and it is important you have the right amount of cover in place. This will cover items such as:

– Public liability up to £5million
– 24/7 Breakdown recovery
– Accidental damage
– Theft and vandalism
– No excess
– And a lot more
Please call our Customer Services department on 0333 200 1337 and our experts will help you get all the information you need to insure your scooter.

Is having scooter insurance a legal requirement?
No, it isn’t, but it is strongly advised by the Department for Transport and many police forces. You should also think about how you would cope if your scooter were stolen or damaged. In 2017 alone, there were 61 serious accidents reported involving scooters. Would you be able to get around if yours was off the road? Could you afford to repair it or replace it?
Benefits of mobility scooter insurance:

– Helps you and your scooter get home safely if you break down
– Covers the cost of repairing or replacing a mobility scooter if it is stolen or vandalised
– Gives you public liability, which helps if you have an incident where a pedestrian is injured. You should be protected from any compensation claim
– Protects your investment

What if my scooter is leased under the Motability Scheme?
Insurance for all products leased under the Motability Scheme is available via RSA Motability.

Cover includes:
– Being driven by the named person, though other people can be insured to move the scooter without driving it
– Theft and damage which stops the scooter working safely
– Up to £2 million legal liability for damage
– Up to £25,000 uninsured loss recovery and legal expenses
– Cover for permanently fitted adaptations and/or accessories supplied with the scooter
– Replacement keys for up to three times during your lease period
You can find out more about RSAM here.

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