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Time to hit the road again!

Snowdrop mobility scooter

Whether you are looking to run some errands, pop to the shops, or get out and about with friends and family, there is nothing quite like a mobility scooter for allowing you to get out and about with ease!

Here at Snowdrop, we have a whole range in stock and our expert team will help you find the scooter that is just perfect for you.

Our range of mobility scooters fall under four main categories:

  • Road: Our Class 3 road mobility scooters can be driven on roads and reach speeds of 8mph.
  • Folding: A compact folding scooter that packs up quickly automatically or manually.
  • Portable: Also known as boot scooters, these smaller scooters are designed to be easily dismantled and reassembled, perfect for storing away or taking it traveling.
  • Pavement: Slightly larger than boot scooters, pavement scooters often have larger wheels and suspension for a more comfortable ride.

Service, maintenance and repairs

When you purchase your mobility scooter from Snowdrop, the service doesn’t end there. Unlike many retailers, we have a our own in-house team of engineers on hand. Much like with a car, we recommend that you service your scooter annually, to make sure it is kept running at its best. We are also on hand in case of any breakdowns that may occur and will have out and about again in no time.

Did you know…

If you are in receipt in receipt of the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, you are eligible to lease a mobility scooter through the Motability Scheme. We are proud to be a registered Motability dealer and can help guide you through that process. When you get a scooter through the scheme with us, your servicing and repairs will come included.

Request a demo

If you would like to find out more about mobility scooters, contact us today to request a demonstration. This can either be carried out at your local showroom, or we can come to you. Click here to drop us an email, or call us on 0333 200 1337.

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