Our Household Products

Our range of household living aids are specifically designed to assist and care for the disabled or elderly around the home. From preparing yourself a meal, bathing and getting dressed, our range of mobility aid products can help you complete daily household tasks independently with reduced risk of injury.

Living aids such as the Handi-grip Reacher, Key Safe and adjustable perching stools and chairs are just a few examples of what you will find in our household collection. View our range of practical tools and handy gadgets in our online shop.

– Cushions
– Over tables
– Shoes and slippers
– Dressing aids
– Exercise and therapy
– Household

Our top tips for safe and secure independent living:
• Install grab rails in your bathroom and stairs and anywhere you need a little extra support when walking on your own
• Remove tripping hazards to prevent falls
• Straighten or replace loose rugs
• Use a walker to get around
• Use kitchen tools such as a kettle tipper or rocker knife to prepare food and drinks


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