Cosyfeet offer extra roomy footwear, socks & hosiery and are recommended by over 11,000 Health Professionals. Cosyfeet footwear is specially designed to fit swollen feet. And because it’s extra roomy, it can also fit bunions, problem toes, bandaging and orthotics. All styles have the same roomy fitting (EEEEE+ for women and HH+ for men) and can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling.

All Cosyfeet shoes are relatively lightweight. However, if you need an extra lightweight shoe then certain styles are available in a extra lightweight style, please ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

If you are affected by arthritus, swelling or diabetes or just looking for exceptional comfort, you’ll find socks and hosiery to meet your need. Extra roomy products which are specially designed to fit swollen feet and legs. Cosyfeet also have a range of seam-free, diabetic friendly socks.

DB Shoes understands that everyone is unique – and so are their feet. Everyone’s feet are different in size, shape and width. DB Shoes offer seven width fittings – from extra wide to extremely wide and deep, so whatever the shape and size of your feet, we can guarantee the perfect fit.

DB designers have taken great care to ensure that not only will their shoes improve the comfort of your feet, but with hundreds of style and colour options to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect fitting shoe for any occasion, without sacrificing style.

DB Shoes fitting guide

DB Wider Fit Shoes make footwear as adjustable as possible Foot conditions, a varied climate and our changing levels of activity can all affect the size of our feet.

Variable wide fitting shoes

Our V (Variable) fitting, can be adjusted in depth by the removal of an insole, to fit an E to an EEE foot. So, if your normally buy a regular size shoe, but need more depth in the toe box, the V fitting will accommodate this.

The shoe will be similar to a wide fitting shoe that you would find at a High Street retailer, but with more depth.

Extra wide fitting shoes 

DBs EE fit shoes are wider in the treat area than most other shoes which give the space for your feet to spread naturally, providing total comfort.

The rounded shape of the shoe provides plenty of room for the toes, whilst the removable insole inserts allow for the orthotics if you use them.

Many styles have lightweight flexible soles incorporating air bubble technology to ensure total underfoot comfort.

2V Variable extra wide fitting shoes 

A 2V fitting is for a slightly wider foot and can be varied in depth from an EE fitting to a 4E fitting by removing an insole or the adjustment of straps to suit the needs of the wearer.

The shoes are either supplied with 2 removable insoles to create extra depth, “stretchy” upper material or adjustable fastenings on the upper which allows the top part of the shoe to adjust for each foot.

4E Extra wide fitting shoes 

A 4E fit shoe have the same tread width as DBs EE fitting shoes, but with a deeper toe box.

For those who may suffer from mild swelling of the feet or have misshaped toes, then our 4E footwear has that extra depth to make things that little bit more comfortable.

The rounded shape of extra wide shoe provides plenty of room for the toes, whilst benefit from removable sock inserts to allow for orthotics if necessary and lightweight flexible soles ensures total underfoot comfort.

6E Extra wide fitting shoes 

A 6E fitting looks like a standard shoe, with extra width and depth. They are suitable for people with extremly wide or swollen feet who cannot easily find shoes on the high street.

DB make the 6E fitting on a new sole which has a wider tread then the EE / 4E shoes and a deeper toe box, giving more “volume” within the shoe for your feet.

2 removable socks are featured for extra depth and orthotic insertion if required. The full Polifresh sock supplied ensures total underfoot comfort.

6V Variable extra width fitting shoes 

A 6V fitting shoe is made on the same “wide tread” soles as a 6E fitting shoe but incorporate uppers that can either be adjusted through the use of removable in socks, straps or “stretchy” materials to vary the fitting from a 6E to an 8E fitting.

8E Extra wide fitting shoes

A 8E fitting shoe have the same “wider tread” as a 6E fitting shoe but an even deeper toe box to accomodate the widest, deepest feet.

These are the sidest fitting shoes on the UK market.

An 8E fitting shoe feature the removable socks for extra depth and orthotic insertion if required and benefit from the Polifresh sock ensuring total underfoot comfort.

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