Continence Care

People of all ages can experience incontinence issues. Whether you’re managing mild or severe incontinence, our discreet and friendly staff are here to help find the right continence care products for you. We offer a wide range of incontinence products for both day and night-time use including reusable and disposable, and low and high absorbency solutions.


Here are our top tips for finding the right products to help you:
• Consider what time of day your incontinence issues start. If you’re only experiencing problems at night, you might like to consider bed pads or night-time options
• Consider what type of product you would like to use. Are you keen on reusable products that can be washed, or would you prefer a disposable alternative?
• How severe does your incontinence feel? Use your judgement to help find the correct absorbency in pads
• Talk to one of our expert team who can advise and recommend products for you to try


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