Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can hugely improve your independence! There are lots of different types available to suit different needs, lifestyles and budgets.

Because there’s so much variety, it’s important to think about what will suit you and try a few options out before you buy. Visit your local Snowdrop shop and we’ll help you find one perfectly suited to you.

As Motability Partners, we also have a selection of scooters and powered chairs available on lease to people receiving higher rate mobility allowance or enhanced rate PIP.

Mobility scooters for the pavement

Scooters you can use to travel on pavements and in shopping areas are called Class 2 scooters. If you live near a high street and you can get to your destinations by avoiding roads, this may be a good choice. Class 2 scooters are smaller, lighter and often cheaper than those designed for the road, and can have three, four or, in some cases, five wheels. Although some models are capable of much faster speeds, they should be driven at 4mph on pavements – and some models may also allow you to cap the speed level to this legal limit.

Mobility scooters for the road

You can Class 3 scooters on any roads except motorways or dual carriageways. The maximum speed at you can drive your scooter on a road is 8mph (it’s 4mph for pavements). Being more powerful, with bigger batteries, means they are suited to longer journeys (up to 25 miles) and can cope better with hills. They have front and rear lights, indicators, hazard lights, a rear-view mirror, brakes and a horn. They tend to provide a more comfortable ride than some of the smaller scooters.

You can see some more details about individual scooters below. These are just some of the options we have available – visit your nearest shop to see more of our range!