Meet Our Mountain Trike!

As we head toward Spring, lots of us are looking forward to getting outdoors and breathing in some fresh air again. Mobility limitations can make it difficult to explore nature, with traditional wheelchairs and scooters being unable to cover uneven, rough or muddy grounds. Mountain Trike, however, has no such issue!

Adventures in snow, on sand, through forests and up mountains are all possible with these innovative all-terrain chairs – take a look at these videos to see them in action!

Back in May 2019, Roger from MountainTrike visited our Haverfordwest showroom to demo the Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchair range – we were all highly impressed with the off-road wheelchairs and their capabilities and knew they would be a great addition to our product offering.

We are involved with a number of sports events and active living projects, so naturally, we thought a Mountain Trike would be a great product to offer! Mountain Trike very kindly loaned us one of their flagship Trikes to take to some of the events we had coming up to help us decide which chair was best for us to use as a demo model.

We went for the highly versatile eTrike, Mountain Trike’s electric power-assist chair which can also be ridden manually. This demo model is ideal as we can show users both the electric and manual version which will help the customer make the right choice for their need.

We are all very excited to be able to offer this unique all-terrain wheelchair to customers across South Wales and the Midlands as Mountain Trike’s official distributor for each area.

These chairs have the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of those who need to use a wheelchair but still want to enjoy outdoor adventures. We already have lots of demos lined up and events to attend – get in touch if you want to try out one of these fantastic chairs, or visit our online shop here for more!

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