Why do you need a maintenance plan?

Purchasing mobility products can be a big decision, so it is vitally important that your products are well maintained.

Snowdrop offers fantastic deals in maintenance, where our team of experts are on had to make sure that your equipment is up to the high standards that we aspire to.

We will help you through any purchasing decision, to make sure the solution is perfect for your needs.

What options are available?

We have a number of maintenance options for different lengths of time, and for both new and used products. Our plan means that you’ll be getting a maintenance plan that’s value for money.

We currently offer maintenance plans for stairlifts, scooters, power chairs, riser recliner chairs, profiling beds and track hoists.

How do our maintenance plans work?

Equipment is serviced each year for the term of the cover, the last service is carried out at the end of the term so the customer can then renew the maintenance plan without the need for a service.

All used equipment is serviced at the end of the 12-month term so the customer can then renew the warranty. They must be serviced before the start of the cover.