We provide a range of  incontinence products that are suited to all different needs and levels of incontinence. Whether you need cleaning wipes or supreme pull up pants, Snowdrop has you covered.

At Snowdrop, we understand that you may like your incontinence products to be packaged discreetly, so this is exactly how our products will arrive.

If you need any help deciding which product is right for you, our team are happy to help. You can chat live with our advisors on the website or contact any branch here.

Shaped Pads 

Disposable Insert Pads

disposable insert pads

Designed for use with pouch pants, they have no waterproof backing or stick on strip. Available in 2 different absorbencies.

Lille Suprem Fit

Adult all-in-one products for heavy to severe urinary incontinence. Similar to Suprem Form but self-taping.

Disposable Seat & Bed Pads

Lille Classic Bed Disposable Bed Pad

Used under the person as a precaution to absorb any accidental leakages. Pads protect the bed linen by keeping it dry.

Lille Suprem Form

Careshop Lille Supremform Shaped Pad

Discreet non-rustle plastic backing with hydrophobic leg barriers ensuring total protection.

Lille Suprem Pull-up

Lille SupremPants Incontinence Pull-up Pant

Pull-up pants are highly elasticated and comfortably shaped for both men and women.

Mini Shaped Pads

lille supremlight

For stress to moderate incontinence. Adhesive strip and super absorbent polymers.

Reusable Pants 

Protective Pants

Henleys Medical Protective Plastic Pant

These semi-disposable plastic waterproof pull on pants are discreet, soft and comfortable. They are machine and hand washable at 40 degrees.

Net Pants

net pants

Net Pants are comfortable, soft and ensure a secure and snug fitting for all types of incontinence pads. These are made from a stretchable and breathable fabric.

Ladies Briefs

Ladies Briefs

These ladies briefs have a built-in pad, in standard (150ml) or plus (350ml) absorbency. Machine washable without losing effectiveness.

Personal Care 

Skin Cleansing Foam

vernacare senset skin cleansing foam

Gently loosens and lifts soiling from the skin. Leaves a water repellant on the skin to protect from wetness.

Disposable Gloves

Powder free gloves

Comfortable and flexible gloves, ideal for applications where hygiene is an issue, like care home work and the nursing sector.

Soft Cleansing Wipes

cotton soft patient cleansing wipes

This heavy weight wipe is ideal for effective cleansing of heavily soiled skin and gentle enough to be used for continence care.

Urine Bottle with Handle

 Designed for males and has a long neck to avoid spillages. Available for females too.

Toilet Tissue Aid

Perfomance Health Patterson Medical Bottom Wiper

This bottom wipe has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper.

Senset Moist Wipes

vernacare senset moist wipes

Dermatologically tested wipes; ideal for hand cleansing before and after eating and toileting.