How to Host a Virtual Gathering at Christmas

This Christmas is definitely different to the rest, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do the Christmas traditions and activities that you know and love. If you are under restrictions this festive season that are stopping you from seeing your family and friends, why not try a virtual gathering as a way to keep the festive spirit alive.

Hosting or attending a virtual gathering is easier than you think. Here is how you can do it:

Decide on your Virtual Location

Consider which platform is easiest to host your gathering.

1. Facetime – This platform is best if everyone in the gathering owns an Apple device, like an iPad, iPhone or Mac. To set this up, simply go to the Facetime app, click the + in the right hand corner, and add the contacts you want in the call. Or, if someone else is organising, simply wait for the call and accept! Visit here for more instructions
2. Zoom – Zoom is perfect for a larger gathering. Best used on a larger screen, simply wait for the host to send you an invitation link and password, and use this to join the meeting. Visit here for more instructions
3. Skype – By signing up for a Skype account, you can video chat with one other person via their email or phone number. Visit here for more instructions

Physical Location

Your physical location is important too. Find somewhere comfortable where you can fit all members of your household into the screen. To do this, you can practice before hand with your camera on your device. Try setting it up on a dining table or coffee table so that the camera is stable and steady, and that other members of the gathering can see you clearly. Sitting with natural light towards your face also helps with this. Don’t forget to turn up the volume so you can hear everyone on the day!


What better time than Christmas to decorate the background of your virtual gathering. Once you’ve decided where you will sit, you can put up all types of decorations behind you to make the gathering extra festive, and cheer up other members of the family.

Plan the Theme

Planning a theme for your virtual gathering can help to curb virtual awkwardness or boredom. If you have young kids or grandkids in the family, there are sure to be activities or traditions that you don’t want to miss out on. Why not make them virtual!

  • Watch the grandkids decorate the Christmas tree or make a gingerbread house
  • Help the grandkids write a letter to Santa
  • Take part in a Family Christmas quiz night! Christmas trivia questions and quizzes are available all over the web for you to take inspiration from
  • Virtually watch your family’s Christmas lights switch-on

If it is an all-adult affair, why not choose a mulled wine, festive tipple or treat to prepare in advance, and then enjoy and review virtually.

Enjoy and Relax

Grab a drink, some snacks and sit back and enjoy. You can even set a dress code, or battle amongst family and friends in a Christmas jumper competition. Thanks to today’s technology, you can still enjoy these times with your loved ones, just from a distance.

For some Christmas quiz inspiration, visit here.
For government guidance on restrictions in your area, please visit here.

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