How to choose a rollator – here are the important questions you need to ask

If you can balance yourself but need to sit frequently, or if you need to carry things while you’re moving, a rollator with swivel wheels is an excellent choice.
How do you pick the right one for you or your client, though?
Getting the wrong one could lead to exhaustion or a fall, so doing the groundwork before you buy is important.
Here’s our essential guide to getting a great fit.


Who should choose a walker over a rollator?
Anyone with balance problems and who needs a firm, immobile form of support to help them walk will find that a walker is a better choice.
However, a rollator is helpful for people who can balance but need to rest while walking, and for people with arm weakness who find it difficult to lift walkers up.

Which wheel size should you choose?
If you’ll mainly be using it outside, choose larger wheels. If they are eight inches across or larger, they will handle uneven surfaces such as paths and lawns better.
Will you be mainly using it inside? Choose smaller wheels. You’ll need to manoeuvre the rollator in halls and rooms and it will need to for through your doorways. You should measure the doorways to ensure there will be no problems.

Should you choose three or four wheels?
Both have their selling points. Three-wheeled rollators are more manoeuvrable, while four-wheeled rollators are more stable.
If you’re walking long distances, you’ll need that stability.

How do you find a rollator to fit your height?
You’ll need to take measurements for the height of the handle.
You, or your client, should stand up straight with arms naturally hanging your sides and with the elbows at a 15-degree angle.
For accuracy, a second person should measure from the wrist crease to the floor.
If there’s a seat, measure the height and width so you can sit in comfort and check the weight capacity.
Ensure you can easily hold the grips and put on the brakes.
Talk to our Snowdrop specialists to help get the right fit for you or your client.

Should you choose a folding rollator?
A folding rollator is a great help if you need to take it in the car regularly or you don’t have much storage space at home.
If you choose one, a three-wheeler tends to be lighter and fold more easily.


Do you need help and advice in choosing the right rollator for you or your client? Please get in touch, and why not take a look at the rollators we offer?



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