Finding the right riser recliner chair


Finding the right riser recliner chair

You can buy a riser recliner chair ‘off the peg’, or have one custom made. While it might be tempting to simply measure up and order a riser recliner from a catalogue or website, it is recommended that you try before you buy.

Buying a riser recliner chair built for you

As an independent specialist mobility store, Snowdrop will be able to advise you if it is more appropriate to order a custom-made chair built specifically for your dimensions, rather than a standard model.

A riser recliner chair is right for you if you want to change your position in your chair and get in and out independently, you need to raise your legs, you require lumbar support to relieve back pain and simply to relieve the pressure build up from being in the same position for prolonged periods.

Matching Sofas and stools can also be made to compliment your riser chair and home design. Any lift action can be placed in one or both sides of a sofa. Sofas are also available in any size and any fabric.

When you are less mobile …

If you have more complex medical needs or will be in your chair for a long time and are immobile, either in your own home or in a care home/ nursing home then you may need to consider not only pressure relief, but also hoist accessibility, transportability of the chair and of course comfort and ease of use.


Joint assessments with healthcare professionals

Snowdrop are accustomed to working alongside professionals such as your occupational health therapist to find solutions which they are also happy with.

Larger riser recliner chairs

It’s important to check if there are any weight restrictions for the model you’re considering. If the chair isn’t built for your weight, the frame may become unstable, so you may be better off buying a special heavy-duty chair, clinically referred to as Bariatric.

VAT exemption
if you have a specific mobility problem and you need special equipment to live independently you may qualify for VAT exemption.



Great Furniture Made in Wales

Snowdrop are pleased to be able to prescribe chairs from a well established bespoke seating company based in South Wales. Primacare have a reputation for providing innovative and extensive expertise within the Healthcare marketplace and their chairs are engineered and manufactured in Wales using a broad range of actions, fabrics, features and accessories.


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