Finding the right Riser Recliner chair for you

Finding the right riser recliner is important for a number of reasons; you can get the most comfort for your chair, ensure that circulation is adequate in your body and relieve pressure on aching joints. With several types of Riser Recliner chairs out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Read on to find out how to find your perfect Riser Recliner chair and how we at Snowdrop Independent Living can help you.

Types of Motor

One of the first places to start when you’re looking to get a Riser Recliner is what type of motor you would prefer; single or dual motor. With a dual motor you are able to control the back and feet separately so as you can find your perfect seating position. On the other hand, a single motor chair means that the backrest and footrest move in sync with each other. Some people prefer the flexibility of altering the footrest without changing the back and if this is a must have for you, the dual motor is the best option.

Types of Chair

After you’ve selected what motor you’d like to look for, there are several types of chairs you can select from; a tilt in space (TIS), wallhugger or a standard. The wallhugger chairs can be placed closer to the wall than their standard versions without restricting functionality. A TIS riser recliner chair is recommended for someone who struggles with poor circulation as the chair can recline to position your ankles higher than your hips, aiding with circulation to the rest of your body to relieve swelling and uneven pressure. If you’re unsure which type of chair is right for you, pop into your local branch and one of our staff will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs.

Size Guide

Finding the right riser recliner for you isn’t just about functionality, it’s also important to make sure the chair fits you and your body shape. With some Riser Recliner chairs, the sizes differ based on certain measurements for the seat width, depth and height whereas some of our chairs are fully bespoke.

To find out what size is best for you, our retail staff in store will be able help you find your perfect fit. When it comes to the seat width, there should be one hand’s width between each leg and the chair’s armrest. For the seat depth your legs shouldn’t be pressed up against the footrest and you should be able to fit one hand behind each leg. When it comes to the head rest, all of our chairs are designed to be comfortable and to make the most of this you should make sure that the back rest on the chair rests nicely against the top of your head. If the top of the back rest is pushing into your neck then a taller seat might be necessary.


With so many to choose from, finding your perfect Riser Recliner chair might seem daunting but we’re here to help. If you’d like any more information or assistance, feel free to contact us on 0333 200 1337 or email us at and our customer services team will be happy to give you assistance. Alternatively, pop into your local branch where you can try one of our chairs in person, browse the wide choice of fabrics and speak to our knowledgeable team, who will give you all the advice you need to make sure you have a riser recliner which is perfect for you, in every way.

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