Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a normal bath with March’s product of the month, the Orca Bathlift

Each month we will be going around our branches to ask our staff what their chosen product of the month is. If you missed last month’s edition, the Leo scooter, you can catch that piece here.

For March, our Hall Green branch manager Julie chose the Orca bathlift; “A lot of people prefer to have baths rather than showers” she commented. “The Orca bathlift allows the user to maintain the independence of being able to bathe with little to no assistance from a carer or loved one.”

Julie explains that along with the increased safety that comes from the bathlift mechanism, there’s no need to compromise on comfort; “As well as having a nice padded seat, the Orca bathlift can recline far back in the bath and be lowered to within inches of the bath floor. This flexibility gives the user added leg room for a deeper and more relaxing bathing experience.” With the Orca bathlift you can be certain of enjoying the full therapeutic benefits of a normal bath after a quick assembly and easy clean process, making it ideal for any home.

If you’re interested in the Orca bathlift but you’re unsure how to install it, our expert engineer team will be able to deliver and install the bathlift for you. This gives you peace of mind that there won’t be any issues.

With Julie giving a glowing recommendation of the Orca bathlift, why not pop into your local store to see one for yourself? Alternatively, contact us on 0333 200 1337 to find out more information.

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