Could a Rollator Improve your Quality of Life?

At Snowdrop, we often encounter people who have struggled without the equipment they need; not because they cannot have it, but because they do not want it. Reasons often circulate around the idea that some devices are seen to represent getting older, despite that they are designed as a counter to the aspects people most fear of old age. An appropriate solution adopted in a timely manner can improve quality of life and prevent unnecessary deterioration.

Take the Rollator, for instance. Family members often approach us asking for information to inspire loved ones to begin to use these popular walking aids. We find the following considerations can help:


A previously care-free walking route—perhaps between two rooms, or to the shop and back—can suddenly become fraught with danger. The most prominent advantage of taking up the Rollator will always be reduced risk of fall and injury. Psychological effects of feeling more stable, and safe, also make a huge difference.

Posture, Fitness and Circulation

It is essential to ensure that the Rollator is properly adjusted so that the person using it is encouraged to stand up straight, always keeping the device pulled in and close to the body. Then, good posture can be supported. It can be all too easy when coping with mobility problems to submit to the habit of bending over and reaching down, and allowing the posture to follow, especially with skeletal challenges such as arthritis and scoliosis.

As Matthew Potts, scoliosis expert of the Dorsi Spinal Institute in Nottingham, advises, “Every inch forwards of a neutral posture increases the pressure through the spine by 50%, thus speeding up the degenerative process.”

The benefit of good posture leads to a whole host of long-term benefits, impacting positively on muscle tone and strength, circulation, the respiratory system, and even the conservation of joint surfaces. The mantra is ‘use it or lose it,’ and the Rollator enables increased gentle physical activity in a way that supports overall fitness, endurance, and maintained ability.

Freedom and Confidence

Fear of falling can easily lead to a fear of going out of the house, or of walking into a different room, or of moving out of a chair. This fear can lead to isolation, and depression and loneliness. A piece of equipment that safeguards its user from falls and champions their ability to travel can be a bona-fide Guardian Angel.

Long lost trips and outings can once again become highly anticipated events, and then, wonderful memories and connections will further support a meaningful lifestyle. It has pockets!

Rollators – and other aids – are currently enjoying an aesthetic and functional heyday of innovation and so there are lots of options available. There are strong, subtle, and elegant, styles; and other more ‘bling’ opportunities. A Rollator, these days, can offer a variety of pocket choices, as well as folding methods, weights, and a good selection of off-road possibilities for people who love to spend time with Nature. Sometimes it is purely a matter of finding – within all the options available – the one right solution for the person who will discover a wish to cherish it.

The Rollator is a miraculous tool, when used appropriately, and safely. If you have any concerns about this item or wish to explore whether it is appropriate for you or a family member to use, we will be happy to carry out an assessment and demonstrate different options at your nearest Snowdrop Independent Living showroom.

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