Common At-Home Accidents for The Elderly and How to Prevent Them

To live with independence and confidence, it is vital that older people have a safe environment to live in. One way to improve the quality of life for seniors, is to ensure their beloved home is safe and less prone to accidents. Considering an older persons mobility, health and medical conditions, is important in making relevant adaptations and safety modifications to the home.


Falls are one of the most common injuries amongst seniors, with injuries ranging from minor to severe. With the nights now becoming darker quicker, it is important that you begin to consider some helpful changes.

We recommend:

  • Using bright lights to easily light up the home improving visibility
  • Implement rails in and around the home, including bath rails, outdoor rails and grab rails for the bedroom and living space
  • Consider adding perching seats/stools around the home. Perching whilst cooking or whilst showering can help with fatigue and reducing unsteadiness
  • Install a raised toilet seat, bath step and non-slip bath adaptations to make the bathroom a safer space
  • Place all items within reach to reduce stretching or reaching
  • Consider a walking frame to keep steady walking or non-slip trays to steady items that are being carried between rooms
  • Consider a stairlift if climbing the stairs is becoming harder to climb
  • Remove any clutter, items or wires on the floor, and keep the home as tidy as possible to reduce trip hazards


Burns are also a very common type of injury, that can lead to a major injury. To prevent burns in the home, try:

  • Set water heaters to a lower temperature
  • Have easy to use fire extinguishers in the kitchen area
  • Consider a easy-tip kettle to reduce burns whilst making tea or coffee
  • Simplify food preparations to reduce the need for fire or flames
  • Buy long oven mitts that cover the length of the arm
  • Consider tap turners to encourage safe turning on of hot water

By making safety changes in the home, this may help an older person enjoy their independence and time in their own home for longer. If you are considering making some home adaptations for someone you know and would like some advice, our staff are always on hand to help you find some solutions for mobility and safety. Why not give your local showroom a call – find all of our contact details here.

Or, our online shop is open 24/7 for you to browse our safety and independence aids. Visit our shop here.


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