Choosing a suitable wheelchair accessible vehicle

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are vehicles that have been adapted or specifically designed to allow a wheelchair user to travel without having to leave their wheelchair. There are various configurations that allow the passenger to be positioned in the front or the rear of the vehicle. Some WAVs are designed to allow a wheelchair user to drive the vehicle from their wheelchair.

This is one of the first considerations that you’ll have to make when purchasing a WAV – where is the wheelchair going to be positioned? There are some vehicles available that have both front and rear positioning options available, but the front positioning option is likely to be more expensive.

Once you’ve decided where the wheelchair is going to be positioned, you’ll have to consider what size vehicle is going to be suitable for your requirements. If you’re going to be keeping the vehicle for a considerable amount of time, for example, if your Motability lease term is five years, you should also consider how your requirements might change over that period of time.

When considering the size of the vehicle, there are multiple factors that could influence your decision. For example, are you going to be travelling alone, or will your vehicle have to accommodate one or more passengers? Are you going to be regularly taking lots of luggage in the vehicle? You’ll want to make sure that the vehicle has enough room to allow for this, without making your journeys uncomfortable.

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