Choosing A Riser Recliner Chair

If you have difficulty getting into and out of a chair then a riser recliner chair may be the best option. These are chairs that gently tip forward when activated, making it easier for those with limited mobility to get up from or into the chair. They are usually electronically operated and are ideal for those with medical conditions.

If you have serious mobility issues and need a riser recliner chair to help you live independently then you may be eligible for financial support.

Recliner chairs are larger than normal armchairs, so make sure you have enough space not only for your chair when it is sitting in the normal position, but also when it is reclined. If you have chosen a chair that fully reclines then you’ll need to leave a little bit of extra room both behind the back of the chair and in front of it for that all-important extra legroom.

You may have to move your living room furniture around to accommodate a recliner chair, such as making sure it’s positioned correctly if you want to watch television, or that you have plenty of light (either natural or electric) if you want to read. Certain chairs even feature space-saving technology to allow the chair to recliner even when it is up against a wall.


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