A great chair becomes a part of your everyday life, which is why all of our chairs are designed with comfort in mind.

We have a fantastic range of chairs which can often be configured to your needs. By shopping with Snowdrop, we ensure that:

• We offer you a wide range of colours, fabrics and bespoke tailoring options
• Our expert staff will measure and assess you to ensure that the chair suits your exact needs
• Your chair is delivered free of charge, and assembled by our friendly engineers at no cost

We can bring the chair, to you.

We understand that in these difficult times, you may not feel 100% comfortable visiting us in our showrooms and trying out our riser recliner options.

This is why we have adapted our service, and are able to bring a suitable riser recliner to your home so you feel confident and comfortable about making a positive change to your mobility.

Find your local showroom contact details below to find out more.

Need help choosing your perfect chair?

It is crucial that your chair fits you well, so our experienced team members will be on hand to offer their advice when you visit one of our showrooms.

Alternatively, you can take our quick 2-minute self-assessment below to determine which chair may best suit your needs:

Types of Riser Recliner

Single Motor Rise & Recline

Quiet motors allow you to raise the footrest before the back starts to recline. You can also reach the sleeping position, making this chair ideal for watching TV with your feet up or having a mid-afternoon snooze. Return to the sitting position at the touch of a button.

Dual Motor Rise & Recline

The backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently to reach the exact position you feel comfortable in, including near-horizontal full sleeping position. You can easily return from any reclined or lifted angle to the standard seating position.

Specialist Chairs

Our specialist chairs are custom made for each individual. They provide additional support needed for those affected by neurological or musculoskeletal conditions, or are suitable for cases where posture has deteriorated from disability or illness.

Riser Recliner Hire and Finance

Still unsure if a riser recliner chair is the right choice for you? Why not hire one to find out! Our prices start from as little as £6 a day!

Alternatively, if it is the cost of a chair that is holding you back, why not visit our finance options below, that boasts no interest if you pay back your loan within 24 weeks!