Adjustable and Profiling Beds

As we spend a lot of time recharging and resting in bed, it is important that a bed is a place to feel comfortable and supported, particularly for those who are experiencing mobility issues. Profiling beds, also known as variable posture beds, offer more flexibility than regular beds, as they feature a variety of laying and seating positions. They are more suitable for those with specific medical or health needs.

Profiling beds can be adjusted manually or electrically while the person is on the bed. Most domestic adjustable beds are electric; they are controlled by a handset, which means the person in bed can make adjustments themselves, aswell as a family member or carer.

Choosing a Profiling Bed

If you are unsure which type of profiling bed may be best for you or a loved one, try to consider the following:

  • Requirements – Are you experiencing pain or pressure in certain parts of the body whilst sleeping? Speak to a member of our staff or a medical professional to find out which type of bed you’d need and if there are features we can add to the bed to help this
  • Size – Are you used to sleeping in a single bed, or perhaps need a larger space to sleep in? Profiling beds come in a range of sizes for each need
  • Accessories and Parts – Would you benefit from rails or sides to prevent falls?
  • Appearance – Do you want your profiling bed to fit with your home decor? There are modern designs available, and classic ‘clinical’ beds to choose from

Key Features

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