Our goal is to make a tangible difference in customers’ lives by offering specialist solutions and advice.

While conventional retailers find customers for products, our focus is on finding the right products to meet customers’ unique needs.

From small daily living aids that help keep simple tasks simple to state-of-the-art all-terrain wheelchairs; we embrace the diversity of disabled people and deliver individually tailored solutions to make life easier.

Since starting as a single showroom in 1999, Snowdrop has expanded to cover all South Wales, with branches in Haverfordwest, Swansea, and Penarth.

In that time, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of local people living with disabilities, chronic illness, injury, or simply the challenges that can come with advancing age.

We have now expanded even further, having acquired Hearing and Mobility’s Cardiff branch at the end of 2019, followed shortly by their West Midlands branches in Brierley Hill, Wolverhampton and Hall Green.

Among our staff, we hold a wealth of mobility knowledge and experience, as well as genuine compassion and a desire to make our customers’ lives better. Get in touch for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

To see our full range of products, you can order a copy of our catalogue or view it online.

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